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List of Doctors Performing Duties at District Jail Timergara

Since Its opening in 1962. this hospital  has been expanding its services and equipment to meet the growing healthcare needs of the human community.
Objectives of DHQ hospital Timergara are to provide a secondary level patient care and serve as referral hospital. The establishment of the DHQ hospital Timergara District Dir lower heralds a bright new era for the citizens of Pakistan, especially the residents of Dir lower, Dir upper, Bajaur and adjacent areas of Afghanistan.

This hospital has offered tremendous services in the last three years of insurgency. All the hospitals of Malakand Division were closed e.g. Saidu Sharif, Batkhela, Bajaur and DHQ Hospital Timergara was a single hospital to provide services to the patients. In situations of mass casualties, the hospital offered matchless services when more than a hundred patients of bomb blasts were brought to the hospital at a time. The public of Timergara were keen to donate blood to save the lives of the injured people.







DHQ Hospital Timergara

Dir Lower

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Dir Chitral road



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